District heating capital Purmerend selects EnergyGrip for digitizing its heat network

Realtime data leads to a better performance of the heat network and enables energy insights

Business deal to make heat meters smart and monitor network

Stadsverwarming (District Heating) Purmerend will install smart heat meters at 27.000 households. Purmerend is the Netherlands district heating capital. A stunning three quarter of all buildings is connected to the heat network of Stadsverwarming Purmerend (SVP). As thorough maintenance of the heat network is critical, SVP prioritizes investment in technologies that are essential to monitor and optimize the grid. Traditionally, heat meters in homes are analogue. This means that meter readings and other technical data cannot be done remotely. In order to fully benefit from the advantages of sustainable infrastructures such as district heating, monitoring is essential. Digitizing the heat grid allows for a better flow management and enables identification of possible heat loss.

Gijs de Man, director of SVP: “We are looking forward to a collaboration that further optimizes our sustainable service and provides our customers with more insights in consumption and savings. Together we want to work for climate”.

Ryan Wendels, Gijs de Man and Marc de Beijer

Stadsverwarming Purmerend selects Aurums’ EnergyGrip platform

SVP found in Aurum the expertise of energy data needed and a high standard of the (realtime) measuring chain. The gateways, up till the dashboard, are end2end controlled. The Aurum gateways with narrowband IoT or LTE-M communication technology are capable of communicating data from hard to reach locations, such as basements. The gateways monitor, amongst others: water volume in m3, supply and retour temp in °C, flow in l/h of energy in GJ.

De Aurum B2B gateway

Aurums’ gateway registers and communicates electricity, gas and heat

Purmerend will be using the EnergyGrip platform. EnergyGrip entails, besides the hardware and the data infrastructure, a dashboard to visualize the data for the network and asset manager. A fourth pillar of the EnergyGrip platform is a consumer app that gives households insight in their own energy consumption.

Ryan Wendels and Marc de Beijer: “We developed EnergyGrip to help organisations in digitizing their energy system. With our technology we can provide an important part of their business-critical infrastructure. We are delighted to have SVP as a new partner in our mission to make energy visible for organisations and households.” With EnergyGrip, Stadsverwarming Purmerend has a one-stop service solution.

The EnergyGrip platform

The EnergyGrip platform


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