Aurums 2021 outlook

The unexpected events in 2020 impacted our company too. Luckily, our team was able to keep the business up and running. There were some interesting developments in terms of product and we welcomed some new large clients.

Before we look into 2021, let’s reflect on 2020:

  • Our monitoring hardware was redesigned. This lead to a resource (plastic) reduction of 50%. Goodbye meetstekker, hello gateway! Lockdowns on our suppliers’ side caused our deliveries to hamper. Unfortunately, we weren’t always able to deliver our product on time.
  • In 2018 we started supplying monitoring solutions for district heating. In 2020 this activity grew increasingly. We have put together our solution – a combination of hardware, dashboard and data-infrastructure – under the EnergyGrip platform.
  • We signed a agreement with Stadsverwarming Purmerend to monitor and help optimize 27.000 heat meters. Read more here.
  • Also, we got to provide EnergieLoket Enschede, Zeeuwse Gemeenten en a few other organizations with our platform EnergyGrip. They use the (whitelabeled) Huisbaasje app. We help these clients with valuable energy data that enables further sustainable innovation.
  • In 2019 we played around 280 games of foosball. In 2020 only a fraction of that! We, too, worked from home a lot. Fortunately, we were already used to this a bit so the transition to fully remote was doable.
  • We were featured in the Environmental Technology piece of Financieele Dagblad. See here.
  • Our energy app Huisbaasje is for sale at the store since 2020.
  • We became partner/sponsor of the Kite4Life Foundation. Ryan and Marc got to know founder Baris through kitesurfing. With his foundation, Baris helps cancer survivors to regain energy and a sense of freedom by teaching them and their families to kitesurf.
  • The Financieele Dagblad made a portrait of our ceo Marc.

And this year?

For 2021, our goal is to improve internal processes, to invest in our team and to … spoiler… take Huisbaasje international! In 2021, Huisbaasje will get a new name. This way, we can answer a growing demand from other countries.

Also, we’ll introduce a second, more simplified version of Huisbaasje. This way, people with a smart meter can now use our energy app without installing hardware.

EnergyGrip, our SaaS product, is being used by quite a few organisations now. We expect this growth to continue this year.

We are gratefull that we have been able to finish 2020 in a positive way. Working from home, videocalls, homeschooling and the delays in hardware supplies made it sometimes quite challenging. We hope that in 2021 we can deliver for our partners and customers and to do our part in making a future proof energy system.