Thousands of households in Enschede receive Verbruiksmonitor energy app

Verbruiksmonitor (consumption monitor), a whitelabel version of Huisbaasje, is part of a comprehensive energy saving project in the city of Enschede. Every inhabitant of the municipality will receive an invitation to collect free energy efficiency products. 

If you live in the Enschede region, small chance you have not heard of the new project.The Energieloket is on billboards all over the city. The campaign is broadly visible online, in local newspapers, on radio and tv. Energieloket Enschede is a coalition of o.a. Stichting Pioneering and the Municipality of Enschede. By means of the RRE subsidy, a large scale
project was set up to make energy efficiency products for in the home freely available. The goal is to get inhabitants – both home owners and renters – to minimize energy leaks in their house.
Through a smart points system inhabitants can make a selection of products in the online shop. Every household receives 33 points which they can spend on radiator foil (2 points), a watersaving showerhead (4 points), LED lights (2 points) or the Verbruiksmonitor (8 points).

Combination of Huisbaasje sets and Verbruiksmonitors

All energy insight products in the shop are provided by Aurum Europe: the Verbruiksmonitor and the Lite version. Last year we started with providing around 200 Huisbaasje sets to energy coaches and inhabitants. Based on the energy insights and realtime data the Huisbaasje app provided, the project group was able to select measures and products with the highest energy saving yield.
Consequently, we developed a custom version of Huisbaasje in collaboration with Energieloket Enschede. Energieloket Enschede opted for our product EnergyGrip -an enterprise solution that includes a whitelabel version of the Huisbaasje home energy manager. The whitelabel service was given the name ‘Verbruiksmonitor’.

Whitelabel app

Whitelabeling is a future proof way of software and hardware development in which time and development costs are eliminated because an existing app is changed on the surface level. That way, we don’t have to build new apps for customers from the ground up. Huisbaasje consists of hardware (measuring unit or gateway), an app, data storage, first line customer support and packaging. After a successful pilot Energieloket decided to have Aurum facilitate the whole energy measurement chain – but then in Energieloket style.
The app, the sleeve of the box and the service desk will get the look & feel of our enterprise client. The package consists of our new gateway, a power cable and a P1 (smart meter) cable. This allows residents to self-install the monitor. We published the Verbruiksmonitor in the appstores under our client Energielokets’ name. This way, the user has a consistent brand experience.
The advantage for Energieloket Enschede was that they did not have to invest in building their own app and hardware. By using EnergyGrip, they facilitate their users with a reliabe and proven product. Off the shelve.
The Aurum team was very much engaged in this project on a meta level as well. By sharing our knowledge on energy data we can provide technical help for users and the project team.


For enterprise clients we offer a realtime app (with gateway to connect to gas and electric meters) and a Lite version, which was recently launched. This is the same app but feeds not on direct meter data but on cloud data from grid operators.
Aurum is registered as ODA (Onafhankelijk Diensten Aanbieder / Independent Services Provider). With consent of the user smart meter data can be integrated via an API with grid operators. These users hence don’t need any hardware installed which reduces the cost of the app. The end user receives a unique registration code via mail. After entering the code in the app, the smart meter is connected after which the energy data appears in the app.
200 Huisbaasje sets were commissioned last year.
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