Aurums’ 2019 wrap up

2019 has been a dynamic year for our company. We’ve experienced growth but we’ve also had to pivot. Here are some highlights of 2019.

  • We’ve worked on a new design for our measurement hardware that reduces plastic material by 50%.
  • We committed to the district heating market: last year we started with making heat meters smart. The past year, this became a core product for Aurum.
  • Together with partner Vattenfall we visited our supplier in Malaysia.
  • Over 280 games of table football were played in our office.
  • Vodafone Business made a video about IoT in the energy sector and Aurums role in it. The interview by Sander Schimmelpenninck and founder Marc was viewed almost a million (!) times.
  • We became partner of public campaign It’s great to be part of a group of companies that enable Dutch citizens to make step into a sustainable future.
  • The Consumentenbond transferred the commercial activities of the product Huisbaasje to us. This was exciting as it is the first time in our 9 year history that we mass sell a consumer product. Thankfully our small team was able to manage this transfer successfully. And that might have been the best thing this year: we welcomed some really great new team members!

2020 will be a year in which we’ll help even more families to cut energy spendings. Secondly, the business around district heating will gain importance. We’re working on technology that digitizes heat networks so that users will gain more transparency and heat transportation is optimized. Looking forward!