Energy manager EnergyFlip gives you live insight into your energy consumption

This wat energy manager EnergyFlip can do

Insight is needed to be able to take real steps in saving. To measure is to know. Energy manager EnergyFlip helps consumers with this by providing live insight into gas and electricity consumption (and generation) at home. EnergyFlip consists of a measuring set (the ‘gateway’) plus a user-friendly mobile app where the consumption data is displayed.

“EnergyFlip helps you easily reduce your energy consumption, helps detect ‘leaks’ and gives really useful saving tips.”

Independent data

EnergyFlip is not tied to an energy supplier and therefore really reliable and independent. Energy companies can therefore not ‘watch’.

Dashboard of your home

With EnergyFlip you get to know your home and your appliances better, in other words, EnergyFlip is the dashboard of your home. You can also compare your consumption with that of other households and you regularly receive useful saving tips via the app.

More sustainable living

EnergyFlip is also useful if you implement sustainability measures such as solar panels or smart plans for energy consumption and afterwards want to see the result of the measures you took. In this way you invest well in the future.

Optimal usage of your solar panels

Do you have solar panels and the EnergyFlip energy manager? Then you can see exactly how much power you are feeding back into the grid. With the solar expansion kit, you can also see what your gross use is in addition to feed-in.

“A ready-to-use business package to achieve energy goals.”

EnergyFlip for business


We help our business customers with real-time insight into energy consumption and generation with a white label energy manager. Through this valuable energy data for organizations we bring about behavioral change at the end customer.


The energy app EnergyFlip is very suitable for housing corporations and building managers, for example. Why? Because it is an energy solution in a box. No big investment – ​​no risk – ready to use. And to be delivered as a white label energy consumption manager with functionalities, responsiveness and quality, but with the look & feel of your company! Contact us for a quote. Also interesting for energy companies, heating companies, schools and other communities.